Items Accepted:

• Teething Toys
• Soft Blankets
• Socks
• Mittens
• Books
• Infant Toys
• Hats
• Wash cloths
• Bibs
• Burp Cloths
• Nail Clippers
• Thermometer
• Gift Cards
* We cannot accept any formula or any items related to food production.

How it works:

We appreciate you considering donating to Ella's Endeavor!

Our baskets are given to families in Louisiana that receive the news that their child has Down syndrome. The baskets are given to a social worker or other contact within hospital, who then offers them to the family. We also deliver baskets by word of mouth. Some families do not receive the diagnosis of their child until they have departed the hospital, but we certainly wish to donate to them as well.

Our baskets contain baby items, a small gift for parents, a letter from us, and an item that is special to our daughter, Ella.

Basket Recipients:




These are just a few of the adorable babies that have received a basket. More pictures coming soon!

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